Tree Commission

Valley Park



Valley Park is a large open space area of 40+ acres that was donated to the town of Middletown more than fifteen years ago. At the time, there was support to create a Town Center area with open space, commercial property along the road and a gathering spot for the Town. Some of the more ambitious plans were abandoned because of cost, but there was still hope the area could become an area that could be used by the town residents for outdoor activities.

Soon however, contamination of the soil from agriculture and industrial use was detected, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) became involved and all plans for use of the property were halted.

After extensive engineering and environmental studies and years of negotiations by the Town Administration with DEM, an agreement was reached that allowed for the creation of specially constructed walkways  throughout the area which would serve as a cap for the contamination.

Natural vegetation will be allowed to grow around the walks which will encourage walkers to remain on the walkways and it  will only be cut once each year so that the park will remain in as natural a state as possible.

The Landscaping Plan

The Middletown Tree Commission was honored by the Town with the task of designing and implementing a landscaping plan for Valley Park. Due to the environmental constraints and other issues, the plan consists of trees alone.

The design effort began in 2015 when, together with Middletown DPW personnel, over a mile of walking trails were laid out. In the summer of 2016, crews from the DPW constructed about a mile and a quarter of trails to RI DEM specifications with gravel trucked in from Tiverton, laid over barrier sheet material.

In addition to the trails, a parking lot  was constructed on the northern end of the park, previously planted trees were moved, several other entrances were created off High Street and wooden three rail fences were installed.

An Aerial photo of the park the and walkways  looking north, taken by Gary Paquette in December of 2016, is shown below. High Street is shown along the left of the park. This photo was taken before any trees were planted.

The tree plantings are based on the design of volunteers Alan Kirby (Middletown Tree Warden) and Chuck DiTucci, both members of the Commission.

The planting design is shown in the link below. It consists of 11 “planting beds” which are  basically islands of trees among the natural vegetation.

Planting Overview

Due to budget constraints, the planting was scheduled in several phases competitively bid over 3 years. The first phase was scheduled and completed in the  spring and summer of 2017.

Earlier that year, competitive bids were requested from 18 vendors and  5 responses were received. The list of trees in the RFQ package for that year can be seen on this page  Phase 1 planting 2017  . It is on this site, and it consisted of 128 trees, of many species of both broad leaf deciduous and coniferous trees.

The winning bidder, Yardworks was selected on April 27, and as mentioned above, the effort was completed in the summer of 2017.

The RFQ for the second phase was issued and awarded to Boulevard Nurseries in 2018.  The planting was completed in that spring. However, due to budget constraints, the number of trees to be planted was less than in the first phase, and a third planting phase was added.The total bid package for phase 2 can be seen on this website and subsequent pages at  Phase 2 planting 2018

Most of the funding for this project comes from the Town. For the first phase, the commission  also received  generous funding  from Charlie Silvia of the Newport Horticultural Society and the Alice B Mayer Trust.

Funding for the second phase came from the Town, the Alice B Mayer Trust and the van Bueren Charitable Foundation.

In 2019, the Phase 3 planting bid was awarded to the low bidder, Boulevard Nurseries and planting was mostly completed in the fall of 2019. Several species were unavailable at that time and planting was not totally completed until the fall of 2020. That list of trees is not here.