Tree Commission

Request for Proposals, Introduction, Valley Park Phase 2

This proposal was awarded in February 2018.

Due to budget constraints, a small subset of the trees (planting area 3) was not awarded. Planting for this area is planned for the future.

This planting was completed in the spring of 2018.

In their support of this effort, the Tree Commission is indebted to the Town Council, The van Beuren Charitable Foundation,  The Alice B Mayer Trust and the Aquidneck Land Trust.


Middletown Tree Commission
Middletown Town Hall
350 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842
T: 401-849-4064



The Middletown Tree Commission is currently accepting bids for Phase Two planting in Valley Park.
Valley Park is at the intersection of High Street and O’Neil Boulevard in Middletown (behind the
Christmas Tree Shop Shopping Center). This bid request is for the planting of 258 individual trees (45
species). The project will be awarded to one contractor and shall be completed by July 2018. Once
bids have been received, numbers may be adjusted to meet financial constraints, but a minimum of
100 trees will be planted. The finalized number of trees and species will be determined when the
award is made and the tree locations will be staked by the Tree Commission prior to planting.
As this area is under the review of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, specific planting procedures are listed in the bid documents and should be initialed and returned with
the bid proposal.

Bid documents include:
• This cover letter
• DEM requirements (to be initialed)
• Per species cost sheet (to be filled out by bidder)
• Per planting area cost sheet (to be filled out by bidder)

Bids are due by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 and may be mailed to :
Middletown Tree Commission
350 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842

Feel free to contact me at 401-849-4064 or email me at with any questions.

Karen Day, Chairperson