Tree Commission

Request for Proposals Phase 2, Requirements


The following are the planting requirements for the Valley Park Project. Please initial each one.



Quotations for spring planting of the park shall be based upon the provided plant list in the quantities and sizes specified.

 Varietal substitutions shall not be attempted as one of the objectives of the park is to create plant diversity. All varieties shall be quoted. If there are issues with timing of availability we can consider an adjusted planting timeline on some plants.

Planting locations will be staked out by the Commission in advance and stakes will be marked with plant variety.

All trees shall be staked and mulched in a 3 foot circle to a depth of 3”. Wood chips are acceptable and should be tapered down to the trunk.

Plants shall be guaranteed for one year.

Watering of the trees shall be the responsibility of the contractor for the first season and the need shall be based upon weather patterns.

Planting to be supervised by a licensed arborist.

Work done on this site is under the review of the Department of Environmental Management and the following restrictions are in force.



No soil shall be removed from the site.

At the end of each day, any excess soil shall be covered with fabric.

At the completion of the planting, all excess soil shall be placed in a location on the site designated by the Town and covered with fabric and the required thickness of gravel. The fabric and gravel will be supplied by the Town.

Machinery shall use designated access points and any damage done to walkways shall be repaired to its original condition.

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